Workshop for cinematographic culture and practice.

A series of concerts organized in the old age homes Bucharest.

Introducing kids in the world of animation and visual effects.


Is a NGO that brings culture closer to people.

Geographically speaking.


The installations of images and personal items answer to the long quest of photography for arousing the thrill of tridimensionality.

Good things will come to Pantelimon, who waits...Check out what’s cooking!


2009-2013 © MAKE A POINT                                                                            point.at.makeapoint.ro                                                         Morarilor 1. Sector 2. București. România

Paintings, exposed to Mother Nature’s will and then brought back to the exhibition space.

Bucharest International Biennial for Contemporary Art at Make a Point.

The Water Tower of Pantelimon becomes the Art Tower.


The Water Tower Art Gallery from Pantelimon is now open!

Help Syrian Artist work on!

Group exhibition.

During the White Night of the Galleries 2013

Free movie each Thursday at Make a Point.

Syria, new Face, new Art

Exhibition during the White Night of Photography

MFA St. Joost Den Bosch / collaboration with Bucharest AiR

8-18 april 2014